In short

3D-printing is suited for an endless number of applications. The experts – that’s us – can create tailor made solutions to fit your needs exactly. To ensure this best fit, we offer a wide spectrum of materials.

PA 12

Our standard printing material is a Nylon powder (aka PA2200 or PA12), suitable for a wide range of applications. The finish of the products is slightly granular, without a layered distortion. Finished parts can be impregnated with a black pigment. Other colors are available, including a certified food blue.
Depending on the wall thickness this material is very flexible (wall ± 1,5 mm) up to very strong (± 6 mm).

Carbon LW

Stronger still: our Carbon Light Weight (Carbonmide). Reinforced with carbon fibers resulting in a material four times (!) stronger than our regular PA12. A higher tenacity, tougher and higher tensile strength means even more security and durability in heavy duty industrial applications. Temperature and chemical resistant.


Looking for a material with rubber-like properties? Our TPU 1301 is a thermoplastic polyurethane with very bendable, soft properties. It has excellent physical characteristics and is resistant to wear and chemicals. As a result, it is often used for gaskets, sports soles and footwear, orthopedic models, hoses, seals and wheels.

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