Food blue

In short

At Parts on Demand, we use a material that is food contact approved: PA 12. One catch: PA 12 is white, whereas in the world of food processing, parts are preferably blue. So, we developed an FDA approved dye and process.

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About Food blue

But most dyes use chemicals making them unsuitable for food contact. Which means the untreated, white part is approved, but once it is colored it no longer is. Post-processing your parts to seal the surface, does not get them FDA approved.

That is why we developed a color and a process which are both FDA approved: your part, 3D printed, fully approved for food contact. The process, the material, and the dye. Tested and certified to be used according to EC 1935/2004. Certification for FDA 21 CFR, §175.300 and §177.1500 is pending.

Resulting in parts that are suitable for food contact, with the appropriate approval.

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